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Pre-Construction Services

Kasher is proactive in nature and believes that details and preparation lead to exceeding expectations. 

Concept and Design  Development 

  • Design review

  • Preliminary construction schedule 

  • Identification of construction durations 

  • Identification of milestones, critical path and client furnish dates

  • Value engineering to achieve best value for the project and client 

  • Solicitation and review of subcontractor proposals, including bid analysis

Survey and Evaluation

  • Inspection and documentation of existing conditions 

  • Feasibility review and recommendations for best means and methods

  • Implementation of strategies to reduce risks

Operations and Logistics

  • Kasher provides a trade-by-trade critical path schedule 

  • Phasing and logistics plan are provided 


  • Bid packages created, complete with details scope and cost estimates per trade.

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