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Let's change how you project manage together

As a Project Manager on your job we “own” the project, taking responsibility and initiative as necessary on a daily basis to do everything possible to achieve your desired cost, schedule, design intent and quality.

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What's Included 

but is not limited to since we encourage open communication and always remain flexible and responsive to your needs:

- Custom Project Management Framework. 

- Project Estimating, Review & Analyze 

- Provide Recommendations of Contracts to Award

- Process & Operations Audit + Implementation 

- Review Architectural Documents, Project Requirements and Needs + Execute 

- Onsite Visits

- Project Administration 

- Design & Construction Oversight

- Weekly Reporting

- Site Logistics

- Scope Review

- Project Communication

- Budget & Billing Oversight

- Provide Regular Project Reports of Paid-to-Date Expenditures

- Change Order Review

- Procurement 

- FF&E Oversite

- Project Closeout 

- You will have a client portal that will contain all project details and documentation.

- At the end of the project all those project details will be organized into a comprehensive project report for you to keep. Digital & Physical - with your branding.

- We create a custom streamlined project interface with a single point of contact. 

- After receiving your scope outline, plans if there are any and project contacts we coordinate ALL of the project details, aligning the projects framework, analyze the scope and basically take everything over.

- We create a project communication plan to ensure alignment with all stakeholders such as the design team, the project’s trades, contractors, and architects. Don't worry we include you in everything we do.

- If you need we can solicit proposals from + coordinate selection of, general contractors, and other design consultants necessary for the project.

- yup, we can conduct a bid analysis if you need us to.

- Partner to develop project budget + schedule. Then own that budget and schedule moving forward.

- We kick the project off and get to know the projects team. 

- We lead periodic (usually weekly) project meetings to coordinate activities of contractors, consultants, client. etc. 

- If needed we visit project sites as necessary to assess progress and quality control, and to deal with design and/or construction issues as they arise.

- We provide you with a weekly report. Pro tip: save yourself time & forward our report to your clients. They'll love you for it. 

- We can help you complete value engineering to achieve best value for your client.

- We remain the point of contact. The subs, wallpaper installer, warehouse, etc. are not calling you all day long. Instead they're calling us. 

- We collect, organize & distribute project documentation.

- We can punch the project and develop a list of missing or incorrect items at project completion & then we can expedite completion of these items and even ensure timely final completion of all consultant & project activities.

How it


We recommend setting aside 8-10% of your project budget for project management service fees. This makes bidding easier on yourself, and ensures you're covered and profitable. 

We view this as a partnership, so for that reason we don’t charge on a project by project basis, but on a monthly basis. This assumes that you are ready to invest in the growth of your business and are actively looking to outsource your Project Management. You are charged for the package of hours you select at the beginning of each month. We track all of the hours used based on your projects. You will receive a bi-weekly hour summary. We invoice on the last day of each month. Use it or loose it when it comes to your monthly hour package.

10 HOURS | $950 
15 HOURS | $1,425
20 HOURS | $1,900

Our Method (It's A Vibe.) 




Our customized project and construction management services vary widely from project to project. Everything we do is tailored to you and done to support you and your business. 

We provide the management expertise, leadership, structure, and support in streamlining the project process, administration, billing and communication. With a single point of contact as we advise and act on all project related issues.

We ensure alignment with all stakeholders such as the design team, the project’s trades, contractors, and architects, allowing maximum communication and efficiency while overseeing the on-site work to confirm that all work has been completed correctly and on time.

How To Get Started (It's Simple.) 




Complete The Form + Book A Call

Discovery Call Happens

You Pick Your Package Of Hours 

Step One? Click the button at the bottom of this paragraph and you'll be whisked away to complete our short get to know ya form and book your free discovery call. (then pause to celebrate, your're on your way to no longer having to project manage!) 

After you hit submit on that form you'll instantly be prompted to book that free call. 

Next, you'll meet me. You'll learn what a nerd I am for systems and processes and pick up on the passion I have for design and construction. You'll unload your project management pain points (therapy dupe). I take it all in, and will quickly offer high-level solutions and recommendations for meeting your goals and overcoming your unique challenges.

You'll hang up the phone excited at the opportunities that lie ahead for you once you partner with Kasher. 

Customize your monthly package of hours until your heart desires. You have three tiers of hourly options to work with... it's a use it or loose it situation over here each month. You sign on the dotted line, make a 50% deposit to hold your spot, commit two months to us, then hello month-to-month. 

Business ebbs and flows? So do we - no big deal. Just say see ya, and then call us back when you need. 

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