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How utilizing a QR code durning renovations increases your revenue

If you’ve just invested hours of hard design work into a renovation project, the last thing I want you to do is f*ck it up in the execution.

Executing a project is all about knowing what NOT to do and this comes with time. You get better as you go, or you find a good mentor (like me) and listen to some wisdom they occasionally drop. Eliminating miscommunication and increasing efficacy will lead to gained trust from the General Contractor and trades as well as your clients. This will help you attract more clients and customers with a recognizable, cohesive experience. The bottom line is, proper project execution leads to client trust, which leads to more sales. So, let’s get into it!

Here are 3 ways to utilize a QR code durning a renovation & increase your revenue:

  1. Avoid miscommunication by taking your plans, renderings and finish schedules digital. They're all ready digital sitting on your computer, so share those bad boys. This give the filed updates in real time. This also allows the field to visualize your design intent and ask you less questions. Get ahead of that noise and help the field help themselves!

  2. Make it seamless for the project team to send you regular updates. Any photo snapped onsite can be automatically tossed into a folder you've created on your desktop.

  3. Bang out your punch list with ease. A punch list documents and tracks items that need to be corrected, repaired, or are incomplete. You create a punch list at the close of the construction phase of your remolding project. The 3 keys to this are communicate, document, and educate. This is your opportunity to ensure the tile is laid correctly, the floor transitions look good to you, and you're happy with painting, millwork, etc. Utilizing a QR allows to you create and manage your punch list quickly.

When it comes to creating content, merch, etc. consistency within your brand is HUGE! Your QR should reflect this too. These can be made using your brand logo. This is how you will stand out from competitors and become recognizable. Remember, increased recognition = increased revenue!

PRO TIP: Tape your QR code with instructions inside the garage, or somewhere high traffic. Make it easy to be seen and used. Maintaining strong communication with subcontractors and documenting work that needs to be done is crucial to the success of a project.

If you're ready to hand over the project management side of your design business, click HERE. Kasher fights for the integrity and quality of your design, pushing contractors and the project team to do what is right for the design, rather than what is easier for them. We make sure that the level of detail you promised your client is delivered.

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