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Why out source your project management ?

If your a small design team odds are you and your team view project management as it's own role; redundant. Designers simply manage their own projects and have direct accountability for them, so you might be asking then what’s the point of a project manager?

A project manager allows the design team to focus on design instead of the daily (or hourly) problem solving that comes up with projects. It also gets owners out of the weeds and allows them to think big picture.

Your project manager should have a passion and appreciation for great design, understand the importance of maintaining a designer’s vision while implementing the most effective solutions on time and within budget. In addition to being highly organized, they also should possess excellent problem solving and the ability to prioritize multiple ongoing projects at varied design stages.

Benefits of outsourcing your project management:

  1. Maximize efficiency: Project Managers are proactive in overseeing site projects from start to finish, working collaboratively with design and construction teams to facilitate the completion of your projects.

  2. Minimize cost: When you outsource you're not spending money on team member equipment. We're talking MacBooks, phones, education, benefits, payroll, etc.

  3. Value add: Design firms have found their business processes benefit from project management methodology and facilitation.

  4. Fluctuate: This industry ebbs and flows, you may not want to commit to to the cost of a full time employee. Project based work = project based cost. Not continual overhead cost.

  5. Objectivity: An outsourced project manager can bring a fresh perspective along with an abundance of experience. That all gets infused into your firm.

If you're ready to hand over the project management side of your design business, click HERE. Kasher fights for the integrity and quality of your design, pushing contractors and the project team to do what is right for the design, rather than what is easier for them. We make sure that the level of detail you promised your client is delivered.

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