Meet the Founder 

Design Adjacent: interested in architecture, design and has a love for interiors, yet finds more passion in systems and processes. Gains energy by being near creatives but doesn't consider herself one - that's Allison. 


With her natural talent for design, operations and project management, Allison believes that every project should stand on its own. No two clients are the same, so each project is tailored to achieve your unique goal while striving to take your project to the next level. With years of experience in the industry and Allison’s love of fast-paced, thoughtful projects her work is truly a reflection of her passion.

Prior to Kasher Allison spent her time honing her Project Management skills while working within Fortune 100 Commercial Real Estate, Design and Construction companies

In the last decade, Allison has built and project managed over a million square feet of office space, luxury retail flagship locations + many home renovations and multi-family developments. Kasher’s fully integrated project management approach allows the entire team to provide clients with thorough, thoughtful and creative solutions to every challenge. Our strong collaborative style fosters a positive and inclusive project-based approach.